NC State University Business Coaching Certificate

Established in 2002, the Business Coach Certificate Program has trained over 250 coaches.

The Essentials of Business Coaching



Our goal is to produce business coaches fully confident in their roles as independent or internal practitioners. The training is face-to-face and skills-based with a strong theoretical foundation. Graduates leave knowing how to coach.



Raleigh Program

The monthly workshops are held on Friday and Saturday.

Location: NC State University, Raleigh, NC

Information Sessions

          For more specific information contact Sackeena Gordon-Jones at 919.745.8944 or by email at

The North Carolina State University's Business Coaching Certificate program is a ten-month program that follows the International Coach Federation curriculum guidelines for the coach specific training a coach needs for certification as a professional coach with the International Coach Federation.

The NC State program has a powerful training structure that ensures the transfer of skills from the classroom to the work place. The course is organized in block weekend meetings spread over a 10 month period, a total of 21 days altogether. This is an in-person, very practical program and not a tele-class. Participants study the theory and techniques of coaching and practice coaching skills in the monthly workshops. They are matched with experienced mentor coaches . They start their own coaching practice early in the program by recruiting two or three clients to coach between the monthly meetings. Their work with clients is supervised by the program tutors.

These layered elements of training, theory, skills practice, the trainee's own practice, supervision of the trainee's practice, and support from a mentor coach ensure the progressive development of coaching skill.

If you have any questions questions about thecontent and structure of the program please contact Sackeena Gordon-Jones at 919.745.8944 or Lou Raye Nichol at 919-303-5848.

For information about registration and educational loans call: 919.515.8163

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What is the Program?

The Business Coaching Certificate Program is designed to prepare course members to become business coaches. The course is for people who want to pursue coaching as a full time occupation or who want to make coaching skill a central part of their practice as a manager or business consultant.

The course is aimed at executives, managers, HRD and HRM professionals, Organization Development consultants, technical specialists and other professionals who are moving into a coaching or training role.

Upon completing the program, participants will have:

  • Honed their coaching skills.
  • Become knowledgeable in the theories and principles of coaching.
  • Begun to establish a coaching practice either as an internal coach or an independent practitioner.

Our program follows the International Coach Federation's curriculum guidelines for the coach specific training required for a coach who wants to be certified by the ICF as a professional coach.

Who Attends the Program?

  • Consultants who want to develop the skills as executive and business coaches.
  • Executives and managers who want to develop a coach approach to leadership.
  • Human resource professionals who want to work as business coaches with their company’s leadership team.
  • Managers, executives and other professionals who want to redirect their career towards becoming business coaches.

What is the Program's Structure?

Ten Month Program
The Business Coaching Certificate program is a series of 10 monthly weekend blocks, a total of 21 days. The program is largely experiential, a typical weekend will consist of coaching skills training, the theory and practice of business coaching, establishing a coaching practice, and the supervision of the participants’ coaching practice.

Participant's Coaching Practice
The participants will be expected to work with clients during the program. Their work will be supervised by an experienced coach in small groups during the monthly program

Participant's Coach
Each trainee will be expected to work with a professional coach for at least three months. Three 30-minute coaching sessions a month for three months is included in the fee. The program directors have recruited a group of experienced coaches from which the participant will choose their coach. The focus of this coaching is the participant’s development as a coach.

Course Project
Each participant will complete a project related to developing their coaching practice.

What is the Program's Content?

Coaching Theory and Principles

  • Social science concepts that form the foundation for coaching principles, skills and techniques.
  • Coaching concepts and processes.

The Coaching Relationship

  • Creating a safe and supportive environment that produces mutual respect and trust.
  • Developing the capacity to be fully present and create a spontaneous relationship with the client.

Coaching Skills

  • Listening, Empathy, Questioning, Summarizing, Challenging, Using Intuition, Problem Solving.

Personal Development and the Use of Self

  • Appreciating the importance of one’s continued development as a basis of building effective coaching relationships.
  • Using one’s own internal processes as a source of information.

Coaching Ethics

  • Understanding and becoming committed to the ethical guidelines and professional standards of the profession.

Developing a Coaching Practice

  • Developing a strategy for a practice either as an internal coach or as an independent business coach.

Business Coaching Background

  • Understanding a range of business, organizational and management concepts and their implications for business coaching.