The Essentials of Business Coaching: The Process, the Skills and the Relationship

Business coaching has emerged as one of the most powerful methods of professional development for executives, managers and other professionals. Coaching enables these clients to be strategic about their current role, their career and, indeed, about the life they want to live. The basic premise of this book is that effective coaching involves three elements; the coaching process, coaching skills and the quality of the relationship the coach develops with the client. The author's distinctive contribution is to explain each of these clearly with many case examples. They encourage aspiring coaches to develop their competence on all three fronts and show them how they can make this happen. The book is based on the authors' experience of training professional coaches on the Business Coaching Certificate program for almost ten years.

The Essentials of Business Coaching provides

• A practical guide for new coaches
• A resource for experienced coaches to hone their skills.
• A framework for educators and trainers to develop their own coach training programs in corporations and universities.

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Recommended price: US $49.95
Publication date: October 15, 2011